Downsizing? Size Down Before You Move!

As we headlong into the new year, many of us will resolve to do things better than we did the year before. If 2023 is when you are going to go minimal and downsize your home, why not take steps pre-new year to size down? These are reasons that it is best to do it in stages instead of one large “purge” while rushing through a move!

Rash Decisions are, Well, Rash

Finding a home and moving is a very stressful process and usually a long one. The actual move is the last of the things you have to do, and often the time when you are most burned out. Making decisions on an already weary mind is never the best way. If you size down in stages, you won’t be overwhelmed by the process and you can make clearer and more decisive choices instead of just wanting to get it over with and being rash.

Donate Before the Holidays

As we enter 2023, this year is going to be a very strange tax season full of upgrades and some downgrades. If you aren’t sure where your tax liabilities will be or how much of your spending you can actually deduct, you can rest assured knowing that charitable contributions will come right off the top, so when tax season comes around this year, you will be able to reap the benefits of anything that you choose to donate now. So why wait?

Don’t Move Stuff You Don’t Need

The whole reason for downsizing is to recognize what you realistically need and what you don’t. If you are in a rush to move, then there is a good likelihood that you will just be throwing things in boxes at random. If you do that, then you will be paying a moving service to move things to a new house that will probably go straight to donation once opened. If you take the time to think through what you actually need, you can not only gain the tax deduction; you won’t be paying additional money to move it from one place to the next.

Don’t Risk Letting Go of Something You Will Miss

When we get stressed and overwhelmed, we tend to think “forget it” and make decisions that we end up regretting. Who among us has not had that moment of regret for letting something that we thought wasn’t important go, only to find out that it was and wish we hadn’t? When you take the time to be considerate, there is less chance you will just throw it away!

Only Do It Once

If you don’t take the time to consider what to take now, you are going to have to do it all over again when you make it to the new house and not everything fits. Be mindful enough to make a list of all the things you actually need, and get rid of the rest. We guarantee that those things you get rid of you will probably never think twice about.

If 2023 is going to be your year to downsize, now is the time to start sizing down. By renting a residential dumpster before you are in a “move now” rush, you will make better choices about what should stay and what can go. At Summer Breeze Farms, we know how stressful a move can be and do all that we can to help you be prepared well ahead of time. Contact us to reserve your residential dumpster rental today!