Pitfalls to Avoid When Renting Your Dumpster

Although it might seem pretty straightforward, dumpster rentals are not always self-explanatory. If you aren’t sure what you need, what a dumpster will take, or how long you will need it, then you can end up spending a whole lot more than necessary – or worse, not get what you need. There are common pitfalls that can land those who rent dumpsters in trouble – do you know what they are? It is critical that you know before you make assumptions that aren’t correct.

No Material Can Go Above the Top of the Dumpster

When you fill a dumpster, you are not allowed to have the debris go above the confines of the walls. If the container is too full, it can pose a safety hazard for transportation. And you can be charged a fee so that the dumpster rental company can do what’s called a “dry-run trip.” Make sure that you have a dumpster that is large enough for all of your stuff without going overboard. The best way to do that is to get the help of the dumpster rental company when you estimate the size.

Unbalance the Trash

If you heavily weigh one side down without evenly distributing the weight, it can make it dangerous for the dumpster to be hauled away. Make sure that you evenly distribute the materials that you load into the dumpster, especially if you are dealing with heavy trash or hunk. Don’t focus on just one corner – spread it out.

No Dirt, Tile, Or Concrete

If you have heavy materials like concrete, rock, dirt, or tile, they will weigh a lot more, so it is important to let the dumpster rental company know. There are specific types of trash bins that are designed to take the excess weight. If you load up a regular one and go over the weight limit, there will likely be an “overweight fee.” Also, if a dumpster is too heavy, the company can incur fines and the drivers can lose their license for driving with too much weight.

Daily Rent Fees Count

Before the dumpster is delivered, you have to agree on how many days you will need it. If you go over those allotted days, then things can get expensive. Make sure that you give a realistic time frame when you will need it, or you might have to turn it in early or pay a hefty fine for keeping it longer.

There Will Be More Than One Trip Fee If They are Unable to Deliver

If the dumpster is brought to the site and it can’t be delivered for whatever reason, like not having access or they’re at an unspecified delivery location without someone to explain, then there will likely be an additional charge to bring it back. The delivery charge includes a “trip fee” that is calculated according to costs like driver time and fuel, so make sure that the dumpster has a place to land and that the driver is aware of where it goes to avoid additional fees.

Cleaning Fees

Although dumpster companies expect that the dumpster will incur some abuse, if you have excess wear and tear such as paint, glue, or even vandalism, then the company will likely charge an excess cleaning fee. So make sure that anything you put in the dumpster won’t leave permanent markings and that you aren’t putting things in it that would require the company to repair before it can go back out for use.

Hazardous Wastes are a No-No

Any type of hazardous material is not allowed into a dumper. Those would include tires, liquids of any kind, paint, lubricants, oils, fuels, chemicals, and other violations. Make sure that you ask what can and what cannot go into the dumpster if you aren’t sure or you may face fines.

Before you rent a dumpster, make sure that you know all that you need to about what can go in it, what can’t, and how much. If you aren’t careful, you could fall into these common pitfalls that will end up costing you a whole lot more. At Summer Breeze Farms, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you estimate the size and type of container you need for your project. Contact us today for help!