What is Considered a “Small Dumpster” and What is It Good For?

Not everyone can look at a heap of trash and figure out how much room it will take up when lumped all together. If you are like most people, spatially deciding what size dumpster you need might not be straightforward. And if you Google “small dumpster near me,” how do you know what you can and can’t put in it? Picking a dumpster isn’t always as easy as you think. These are the things you need to know about renting a small dumpster.

What is Considered a Small Dumpster?

A typical small dumpster is a 20-yard dumpster and it fits about 540 cubic feet. If that type of measurement means nothing to you, then you can safely estimate that 540 cubic feet are about the same amount of waste as you can fit in four truckloads. So, things like couches and other furniture will fit in a small dumpster, but it is not enough to clear out a large job such as a major renovation or remodel.

What Can You Put in a Small Dumpster?

Outside of the cubic feet limit, there is also a weight limit for what you can put into a 20-yard dumpster. You only put about 2 to 3 tons into a small dumpster. So it is important to consider the weight of what you are putting into it. Things like brick, cement, and concrete will fill up a small dumpster really fast. We have a special dumpster for these materials when they are the only material. How you load a dumpster weight-wise is also important. Do your best to evenly distribute material so that the weight is not one-sided.

What Can’t You Put in a Small Dumpster?

Obviously, you can’t put in something that’s bigger than the dimensions of the small dumpster. There are also things that you can’t legally, or environmentally, put into a dumpster. Toxic materials and substances are not allowed in a dumpster. Refrigerators, tires, propane tanks, batteries and paint also can’t go in dumpsters. The best way to ensure that you are compliant is to find out before you begin to load the dumpster what you can’t put in it.

Do Not Overload a Small Dumpster

It is essential that you don’t overload a small dumpster. If you overload it, it can make it hazardous to transport. It also might lead to the dumpster company asking you to take out the parts that do not fit, as well as additional fees. That is why you need to consider carefully what you need to dispose of so that you aren’t stuck paying for two instead of one. You want to save money by getting the smallest dumpster possible, but not if it won’t do the job or will lead to your job being more difficult!

Many people wonder if Googling “small dumpster near me” will be enough to get the dumpster size they need. If you aren’t sure how to estimate your trash, it is best to get the advice of a professional service like Summer Breeze. We are a dumpster service that believes in providing the help that our customers need to get it right. Contact us today to get started!